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Saturday, April 17, 2010

3 cooking SHOWS with Chef MAYRA have been scheduled to Raised Money


Centennial Hills resident Michael Bradley was recently diagnosed with the ailment and is currently receiving treatment in Los Angeles. Payments for three months' worth of treatments totaled more than $60,000, and Bradley doesn't have health insurance.

"I could feel the thing -- it got into my ear," Bradley said of the cancer near the base of his tongue. "I started treatment just in time."

To help curb the cost of his arsenal of treatments, an army of his fellow spiritual healers will participate in a Heal-a-thon, set for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Love's Alchemy Spiritual Center, 9313 Empire Rock St. 89143

We are holding a Heal-a-Thon on Sat, April 17 from 10am-5pm at Love's Alchemy Spiritual Center to raise money for medical expenses for Michael Bradley.

***** JUST ADDED ***** watch the video and meet Charmaine’s Corner “Create Your Strengths”*** Evening meditation/channeling by Charmaine Lee and Danielle Garcia. 6:30pm-8pm. Love offerings accepted.

Chef Mayra will be doing 3 cooking shows

For cooking show # 1 10:30-12:00 PM
In the name of High vibrational food, thoughts and actions
AN ALKALINE BAR~ Juicing Ideas

How to cook Mouthwatering greens
Tips & Ideas of Using Hemp Hearts
The wonderful world of Juicing

For Cooking Show # 2 12:30- 2:00 PM
~HOW your receptors grab the intention of
your thoughts and vibrations while you cook

~~Chef Mayra Cilantro & Lime Pesto
~~Chef Mayra Poblano & Pasta

For Cooking Show #3 3:00- 4:30
~~RAISING the levels of frequencies in your food !

~~ Black Beans & Quinoa
~~Chef Mayra Tofu "No Chicken " Salad
~Chef Mayra Sweet Zucchini-raising Muffins



IF you would like to mail a check or money order as a donation to Michael, please send it to HEAL-A-THON, c/o Danielle Garcia, 5841 Bargull Bay Ave, LAs Vegas, NV 89131. You can make the check out to Danielle Garcia or Michael Bradley and I will add it to our ever increasing funds for Michael. THANKS!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The First HUGE Vegan Dinner party!!! for Vegas!!
Vegan Caribbean Nights
A night w- Compassionate cuisine
Great Atmosphere, Delicious Vegan Food, & Great Music

Presented by...
Chef Mayra Productions and Green Outlet. Hosted by Studio West

Enjoy an unforgettable evening with the best in vegan Caribbean cuisine.
4-Course Vegan Dinner by Chef Mayra also known as Dr Flavor
Music by a LIVE Band
Cash Bar with Vegan Wines
A fabulous Display by Victorios Zoot Suit collections showcasing A flair of Caribbean and Tropical Fashions... Victorios store is located at the art Factory
And more...flair and fun !...

AUGUST 21, 2009
The Arts Factory
107 E. Charleston Studio West suite 250
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Tickets: $75.00 in advance $85.00 at the door.

Chef Mayra, The Doctor Flavor

WHEN: Friday, August, 21 2009 @ 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Go to Chef Mayra's event web site:
Ticket on SALE NOW!!!

Watch Chef Mayra Live Every Wednesday @ NOON (PST)
TV SHOW* Internet/ Steaming Cooking/A Conversation with the Vegan Chef.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive Foods -

Very Interesting...... So if you think you can not break from Meat and Cheese.. How about Sugar?

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CM logo final .jpg
Can you picture yourself More Sexy, Green and Lean?
Chef Mayra's Vegan Cooking Classes are back !!!
  • Summer Specials
  • * 3 Classes to choose from
  • *2 Locations.
  • Day & Night classes available.

Are you ready to create and feel good?

Make your reservation now via email

Subject line: I want to cook with Chef Mayra.

Or call (702) 722-0108 to get in, groups are filling up fast.

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What are you having for dinner today?


Dr Flavor's Summer Fun recipe

Vegan Tofu Green Goddess Dressing

Serves about 6

Try this drizzled over cooked or raw veggies, grains, pasta or any kind of salad. It's also good with crackers and chips as a luscious dip, or on a sandwich as a vegan alternative to mayo.


1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 small avocado
1/4 cup chopped green onions
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons light silken tofu
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt, pepper and lime juice. Dressing can be covered and chilled for 2 days. Bring to room temperature and stir well before serving.

Nutrition: Per serving (About 2 Tbsp/40g-wt.): 120 calories (120 from fat), 13g total fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 1g protein, 2g total carbohydrate (less than 1g dietary fiber, 0g sugar), 0mg cholesterol, 50mg sodium

Summer Fun Classes!

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(702) 722-0108

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Why Organic, Why Animal Free & Why Green?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ideas and Tips "Preserving the Our Harvest" Nice & Spicy Dill Pickles and Yummy Kale Soup

These were incredibly easy to make and because they are refrigerator pickles, there was no processing involved. I cut mine into quarters, but you can leave them whole if you like. You are supposed to keep them for 10 days before opening them. I've been staring at those jars of pickles every time I open the refrigerator, daring me to open them. I decided in the interests of journalistic reporting, that it was time to crack open a jar and actually taste them before I wrote this post on them. At least, that's my story. I am happy to say, that they are quite delicious. I cut the amount of sugar in the recipe by half and I think I would cut it back a bit more, because they were a little bit sweet for my taste. Other than that, they have a great crunch, a fresh cucumber taste, with a bit of heat that stays on your tongue.

Make Chef Mayra's Spicy Dill Pickles

12 pickling cucumbers
2 cups water
1 3/4 cups distilled white vinegar
1 ½ cups packed coarsely chopped fresh dill
½ cup sugar
8 garlic cloves, chopped
1 ½ tablespoons coarse salt
1 tablespoon pickling spice
1 ½ teaspoons dill seeds
½ teaspoon dried crushed red pepper

  1. Combine all ingredients except dill sprigs in large bowl. Stir, let stand at room temperature 2 hours until sugar and salt dissolve.

  2. Place a few dill sprigs in each jar. Transfer 4 cucumbers to each of three 1 ½-pint wide-mouth jars. Pour pickling mixture over to cover. Cover jars with lids and close tightly. Refrigerate at least 10 days. Pickles will stay fresh for up to 1 month. Keep refrigerated.
Yummy Soup ~ Lots of protein here folk!
I got some Red Russian Kale at the Farmers' Market last winter where the pickings were pretty slim. This kale was very nice, not as hard as most kale, so it cooked fairly quickly. With the home made croutons and a bit of Vegan Soy Parmesan cheese grated on top, it was a perfect soup.
Also You can add Chickpeas, Navy Beans, Kidney Beans. Add more and more protein more vitamins. Carrots, Potatoes, Taro, Sweet potatoes, Soup is endless. Great Soup to go !

Cannellini and Kale Soup Serving Suggestion

6 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided
4 1 ½-inch-thick slices Italian bread, crusts removed, each slice quartered
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
¼ teaspoon dried crushed red pepper
5 cups (packed) thinly sliced kale (about 1 large bunch)
2 cups vegetable stock
1 14 ½-ounce can tomatoes, diced Or 10 Fresh Roma Tomatoes
1 15-ounce can organic cannellini beans, drained and rinsed

  1. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in heavy large pot over medium-high heat. Add bread and cook until bread is golden on both sides, turning with tongs, about 2 minutes total. Transfer croutons to bowl; sprinkle with salt and pepper.

  2. Add remaining 4 tablespoons oil, garlic, and crushed red pepper to same pot; sauté over medium heat 30 seconds. Add kale and broth; bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until kale wilts, about 5 minutes.

  3. Add tomatoes with juice, beans, and remaining 1 tablespoon thyme. Cover and simmer 15 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Ladle ragout into shallow bowls. Top with croutons and serve.

Chef Mayra

Monday, May 11, 2009

These VBlogs are Dedicated to Inform you of " How Much Fun & How Good does It Taste to Be A VEGAN "

This Blog was developed for both "everyday" and new-to-the-lifestyle vegans. We will showcase Vblogs that will serve as a useful guide to healthy and flavorful culinary experimentation. Living the Vegan Lifestyle and to understanding the purpose of the vegan, the benefits of the lifestyle, and the common misconceptions associated with it.
Sexy People Eat Vegan (TM)
Easy Vblogs, Interviews and the everyday Vegan Life TV & Radio Blog Show Network.
Chef Mayra Say: "This is all very holistic. The same thing that helps the planet, the same thing that helps the animals is the same thing that helps you"

Every day more studies prove that the healthiest diets are plant based, not animal based.

The latest information related to your diet, animals,
the environment... taken from the major news sources.

One can't be a true environmentalist and still be eating animal products.
Today's "modern agriculture", egg industry and dairy industry are just as cruel as the slaughterhouses, veal, pork, beef,turkey farms etc.

All are simple facts, so can anyone justify still eating meat??

10 Main Reasons for going VEGAN.

  • 1) Animal products are unnecessary.
  • 2) What you eat is a learned habit.
  • 3) Much healthier to avoid meat and dairy products.
  • 4) Much more environmentally friendly to eat a vegan diet.
  • 5) Feed more people on a plant diet than animal based one.
  • 6) Using animals is incredibly cruel. Why force any pain?
  • 7) Religion/ spiritual reasons "Thou shalt not kill."
  • 8) Saves money....
  • 9) Reduces National debt.
  • 10) Vegan food tastes great!

"The fact is that there is enough food in the world for everyone. But tragically, much of the world's food and land resources are tied up in producing beef and other livestock--food for the well off--while millions of children and adults suffer from malnutrition and starvation."

-Dr.Walden Bello

"I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives."

-Dean Ornish, MD


Recipes for the Paleo Diet - Two Cookbooks - 120 Recipes Each!

About Chef Mayra

Hello My Name is DR Flavor also Known as Chef Mayra I am a Vegan Chef, dedicated to bring back flavor to your mouth with wholesome foods.. Passionate about you recreating you with food specially designed for your inner harmony. Excited to bring all the senses out and explore your inner beauty and sexy you. Yes, "Sexy people eat Vegan, because Vegan food is Sexy." Eating vegan doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it is the most exciting way to eat! Fresh and organically grown plant-based foods are among nature's most healthful and delicious gifts. I provide "A Seduction of the Senses." A flavor fusion to seduce your palate With a healthy twist and passion for whole foods. I provide Sport Nutrition information-cooking tips. How to eat as a Vegan or Vegetarian. I provide guidance and coaching for healthy eating for you and your family. I provide Private Cooking Classes. I provide Excellent customer service. I provide " Flavor to your food" I will provide information how to cook with spices and herbs. I will give you Flavor, Information, support, and coaching.. To develop a sexy you rediscover the person inside you through out Food.. " Fall in love again with food"

A Vegan Caribbean Nights at the Arts Factory presented By Chef Mayra's Productions